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Category: Tech Support

Asking the Expert

We asked our lead technician, Sean Keegan, what is one recommendation he would make to all clients. The answer, for him, is straightforward: Every client needs to back up their data. “Data protection and backup strategies are vital to a businesses’ day to day success. Without the data businesses use every day, they are dead … Continued

Lifting the Smokescreen off the Cloud

For most people, is there anything more mysterious than the inner workings of a desktop computer or mobile device? There is, and it is what we refer to as The Cloud. When we back up our hard drive to this cloud, where does the information go? How do we know which cloud service offers the … Continued

It’s Time to Unwind

Let’s face it: nobody likes tangled wires. They look ugly, are a pain to deal with, and make it harder (and more expensive) for technicians to locate and fix problems. More and more, our team has been helping clients unwind their tangled wires, — and they love it! Here’s a before and after from a … Continued

The Messy Realities of E-Waste

A Growing Environmental Concern, How E-waste is Being Combated Today. How many computers, cell phones and other electronic devices have you used and replaced in the last 10 years? As is frequently the case, the number you’re now pondering is probably quite staggering. All those older, broken, or simply obsolete devices we get rid of … Continued

Apple’s MobileMe Service Ends June 30

If you are a user of Apple’s MobileMe services, please be sure to read this announcement. As part of Apple’s rollout of iCloud — which replaces the long-standing MobileMe suite of services — all MobileMe content will be going permanently offline on Saturday, June 30, 2012.  If you wish to continue to have access to … Continued