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We asked our lead technician, Sean Keegan, what is one recommendation he would make to all clients. The answer, for him, is straightforward: Every client needs to back up their data.

“Data protection and backup strategies are vital to a businesses’ day to day success. Without the data businesses use every day, they are dead in the water.”

Without a proper backup strategy, a company may be taking a considerable risk. No information is safe: including contacts, calendars, appointments, bills, and more. The cost of restoring data can be huge, and the restoration is not always successful. With a proper backup strategy in place, however, you can sleep well at night knowing your data is protected.

So you want to avoid this disaster? It’s easier than you might think. Most backup processes are relatively inexpensive and straightforward to set-up— especially when compared to the cost of downtime and data recovery.

Sean was hesitant to recommend one catch-all solution because each client has a different situation. However, he does give one rule of thumb about backing-up your data: “If it doesn’t exist in more than one place, then it doesn’t exist at all!”

To find out what plan would be best for you, Sean says the best option is to reach out to us by phone for a complimentary consultation.

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