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Security Checklist 2022

The old saying, “Better safe than sorry,” is especially true when it comes to protecting your business’ data. These five tasks take surprisingly little time on your part, but offer total protection for your business. Take a look and see how many you’ve already done:

1. Install Password Manager

This one makes life easier and can make your data much safer. Use computer generated passwords that are effectively impossible for hackers to guess, without having to remember any of them.

2. Schedule Data Backups

Recovering data after it’s been lost is a lot more expensive than backing it up. Depending on the type of data it should be backed up weekly, daily, or—in some cases—more than once daily.

3. Run Phishing Simulation

Are you sure that your staff can recognize a scam message? You might be surprised who ends up revealing information to a phony email. Send regularly keep everyone familiar with the more sophisticated hacking attempts.

4. Complete Security Audit

As your business grows and incorporates more technology, cyber criminals have more potential ways in. It’s important to regularly have a third-party expert assess for weak points and offer solutions. And, by the way, we offer a complimentary security audit to new customers.

5. Review and Update Compliance Procedures

Businesses that collect data from their clients—especially ones with any sort of online presence—are held to some pretty strict standards. If your business is subject to industry-specific laws and regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, MPAA, etc., it’s important to know that your security procedures are up to code. With all the potential fines and legal action, properly protecting your clients’ data should be top priority.

In Review

Tech disasters are much less expensive to prevent than to repair. Hopefully this list helps you narrow down some key areas to focus on as you look forward to the new year.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to schedule your complimentary audit, go ahead and send us a message.

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