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Big Sur compatibility

What is Big Sur OS:

MacOS Big Sur is the latest OS Apple has released and has been completely redesigned apart from its predecessors. It is designed to work with Apple computers from 2014 on (that use Intel CPUs) and with the introduction of Apple’s new ARM chipset (the M1) the OS has been optimized for the new silicon. MacOS Big Sur is a significant change from the average OS update, both visually & under the hood. Updating to this OS should be done… with caution!

Should I Upgrade to Big Sur?

It’s always important to keep your OS as up to date as possible, as it ensures the security and performance of your computer and software. But depending on the chipset the computer is using (and by extension, the age of your computer), more software than usual may come up as incompatible upon upgrade to MacOS Big Sur. For Macs that have been manufactured in the last three years, we recommend keeping your system up to date with MacOS Big Sur. For those with older machines, we recommend you hold off on moving up to MacOS Big Sur for now, as some of your older software will most definitely break upon upgrade. Incremental updates to the OS are fine (Security updates, etc). Although it’s always best to be proactive about these things, before you take the big plunge into the latest greatest MacOS, make sure you check the compatibility of your most used 3rd party software beforehand!

Proceed with Caution!

Though macOS Big Sur is a big change from the average OS update (both visually & under the hood), updating to this OS, in software or hardware, should be done… with caution. While Apple has built the software to emulate and translate older software so it can run on the new OS, there are still chances of incompatibility that always come along with all the new features. Proceed with caution! If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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