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5 Things To Know About Mobile Batteries And When It’s Time To Replace Them

Sure, the computing power behind laptops, mobile devices and tablets is impressive, but one element that all mobile devices couldn’t function without is: their battery. In this article you’ll learn how to get the most out of your battery—something that could save you time and money in the long run. Here are five things our team of expert consultants think you should know about batteries for mobile devices.

Mobile batteries

It Might Already be Time to Replace Your Battery

All good things come to an end, including the lifespan of the batteries in your mobile devices. Ever notice how when you get a new phone, the battery seems to last forever? Then, after the first year (if you’re lucky), everything changes? You find yourself reaching for the power cord several times throughout the day.

It’s not just you—mobile batteries are notorious for their decline in performance over time. Even if you don’t mind reaching for the power cord more often, there are other reasons to make sure your batteries are in tip-top shape.

Replacing Underperforming Batteries Increases Performance

I’d never thought about how the battery in my laptop might affect it’s performance…but it does! Replacing an aging battery will help increase mobile run time, performance, & mobile flexibility. The battery is the powerhouse of the phone, laptop, or tablet. If the processor is fighting for energy, that’s gonna slow things down!

So, how do you tell if the battery is causing performance issues?

Checking battery health is easier than you think!

For Apple devices, you can find battery performance pretty easy by going into your phone’s settings or your computer’s “About this Mac” section. How to check the battery life on a PC’s vary from device to device.

If you’re unsure how to check—or would rather just leave it to the professionals—go ahead and give Island Technologies a call and we’ll let you know how your batteries are doing. We can also schedule a reminder based on the type and age of your battery, so you catch poor performance before it becomes a problem.

Speaking of problems, did you know batteries sometimes explode?!?!

Unhealthy Batteries can Explode, Literally

Seriously, this is a real thing. You may have heard of this before, but we want to emphasize: if your laptop or phone begins to swell up, please get it checked out immediately by the qualified professionals here at Island Technologies.

Batteries swell as internal chemical reactions cause a buildup of hazardous & flammable gasses, a typical process in the life of a mobile battery. If a battery starts to swell, the pressure it exerts can damage internal components of your device and even worse, present a potential fire risk. If the battery were to rupture, the gasses will escape, catch fire, and very well could cause harm to yourself or others.

Check your Battery Health every 6 to 12 Months!

This seems to be the magic number for most devices. Checking your device’s battery every 6 to 12 months ensures top performance from your laptop, cellphone, or other mobile device. Again, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Island Team for expert diagnosis and repair!

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