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Category: Business Solutions

The Messy Realities of E-Waste

A Growing Environmental Concern, How E-waste is Being Combated Today. How many computers, cell phones and other electronic devices have you used and replaced in the last 10 years? As is frequently the case, the number you’re now pondering is probably quite staggering. All those older, broken, or simply obsolete devices we get rid of … Continued

Integrating QuickBooks with FileMaker

Island Technologies recently had the opportunity to assist a client with extending the functionality of their in-house billing system. Our client — a dynamic advertising agency based in both London and Los Angeles that is behind many of today’s hottest film and television advertising campaigns — relies on their FileMaker-based billing system to facilitate the … Continued

The Chimney Sweeper

Island Technologies recently had the opportunity to build a brand-new Customer Relationship Management and Invoicing System for The Chimney Sweeper, a Los Angeles-based fireplace solutions provider with 40 years of outstanding service provision. With their legacy database solution nearing the end of its life, Barbara Marx of The Chimney Sweeper reached out to Island Technologies … Continued Launch

On June 25, 2013, we launched, designed and implemented by Island Technologies to support’s humanitarian efforts to ensure that all microchipped pets are properly registered in a single, publicly available database. The site is supported by a powerful database backend that is capable of managing millions of pet microchip records, as well as … Continued

Hartley Medical Online Ordering System Launch

On January 30, 2014, we announced the official launch of Hartley Medical’s Online Ordering System, designed and implemented by Island Technologies for the world-class compounding pharmacy. Everything continues to run smoothly, and Hartley Medical and their clients are benefiting from a host of technical improvements included in the new system, which streamline and protect the … Continued