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Integrating QuickBooks with FileMaker

Island Technologies recently had the opportunity to assist a client with extending the functionality of their in-house billing system. Our client — a dynamic advertising agency based in both London and Los Angeles that is behind many of today’s hottest film and television advertising campaigns — relies on their FileMaker-based billing system to facilitate the creation and management of customer estimates and invoices.

With their customer base rapidly expanding, the agency’s accounting overhead was ballooning, too… so they asked Island Technologies to help them streamline their document workflows by integrating their FileMaker system with QuickBooks.

Among the integration functionality Island Technologies delivered is the ability to transfer customers from their FileMaker database directly into QuickBooks, as well as to query and sync existing customer data from QuickBooks back into their FileMaker database.

Island Technologies also provided integration support to allow the agency to easily transfer estimates and invoices from their FileMaker system into QuickBooks…they can even modify existing QuickBooks estimates and invoices from within their FileMaker system.

With the addition of these new features to our client’s billing database, Island Technologies has been able to help them save time and eliminate redundant entries in their systems, thereby reducing data entry errors and increasing productivity.

Here at Island, we’re excited to help our customers simplify and automate their business processes, and we’re always on the lookout for new ways to increase efficiency!

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