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The Chimney Sweeper

Island Technologies recently had the opportunity to build a brand-new Customer Relationship Management and Invoicing System for The Chimney Sweeper, a Los Angeles-based fireplace solutions provider with 40 years of outstanding service provision.

With their legacy database solution nearing the end of its life, Barbara Marx of The Chimney Sweeper reached out to Island Technologies for an application reboot, and we were happy to design and implement a new system from the ground up, utilizing FileMaker Pro 13.

The new CRM application stores detailed information about the chimneys and fireplaces in each customer dwelling, and Island ensured that legacy application data was properly imported into the new system.

Helping The Chimney Sweeper streamline their new customer workflow, Island developed a guided intake process that allows Customer Support personnel to quickly capture customer information, create quotes, and schedule service appointments. And by taking advantage of Google’s industry-leading Google Maps API, the appointment scheduling functionality allows personnel to search existing appointments by proximity to the customer, allowing them to more efficiently book out their truck rolls.

Additional modules in the new database solution include a Job Orders module — which provides The Chimney Sweeper with the ability to generate and print invoices based on customer quotes — and a Proposals module, utilizing a four-tier, custom service hierarchy that gives the company the ability to tailor each proposal to its intended client.

Rounding out the system is a highly-granular reporting sub-system, such that details of work completed can be itemized by Technician, as well as by Client Project. Additional reporting features will be added as required by The Chimney Sweeper.

Island Technologies is excited to help The Chimney Sweeper simplify and automate their business processes, and we look forward to providing further improvements to their FileMaker Pro 13 system in the future!

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