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Fast and Reliable Web Hosting

What use is a website if no one can get to it? Island Technologies’ reliable hosting means more than 99.999% uptime and availability— less than five minutes of downtime per year, on average. Imagine your website slowing down or dropping offline during the peak of a huge sale, or during the release of a new … Continued

Back-up Your Data for a Worry-Free Year

Good data makes your business possible, and it takes a lot of time and money to accumulate and create the data most vital to your business: contacts, spreadsheets, photos, notes, to-do lists, etc. Something as simple as a failed hard drive can mean a devastating loss of data, with serious consequences for you and your … Continued

Electronic Data Security (HIPAA)

Does Electronic Data Necessarily Mean Safer Data? Working in the health industry requires constant vigilance in regards to patient privacy. As storage methods for information change, security measures must adapt. The move towards electronically stored information brings more efficient data entry and retrieval. A question arises for many patients and health providers in the midst … Continued

Island Technologies launch and

Island Technologies recently designed and built two e-commerce websites to make the online jewelry-buying experience smooth, enjoyable and economical. (Granada Hills, CA)–Today, Island Technologies announces the launch of jewelry websites, and These websites sell premium pieces of plated or layered gold jewelry, or solid .925 sterling silver jewelry, respectively. Both websites are now … Continued