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On June 25, 2013, we launched, designed and implemented by Island Technologies to support’s humanitarian efforts to ensure that all microchipped pets are properly registered in a single, publicly available database.

The site is supported by a powerful database backend that is capable of managing millions of pet microchip records, as well as millions of records relating to pet owners, rescue groups, veterinary practices, animal shelters and licensed pet breeders.

To ensure that can focus on their charitable work, rather than on technical details, Island designed and delivered a content management system which allows web page updates without any coding required!

Island also developed an application program interface (API) to enable third-party software to automatically submit pet chip data into’s database — thereby advancing’s goal of making it quick and easy to capture pet chip data.

The simple, robust website Island provided lets owners, rescue groups, shelters, vets and others quickly and easily add and manage an unlimited number of pet records on, making the site a powerful resource for those searching for lost pets, or their owners!

Island Technologies is proud to assist in making the world a better-documented and safer place for pets, and we recommend that all pet owners get their furry friends chipped!

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