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Island Technologies launch and

Island Technologies recently designed and built two e-commerce websites to make the online jewelry-buying experience smooth, enjoyable and economical.

(Granada Hills, CA)–Today, Island Technologies announces the launch of jewelry websites, and These websites sell premium pieces of plated or layered gold jewelry, or solid .925 sterling silver jewelry, respectively.

Both websites are now live and are aimed at offering consumers a simple and efficient e-commerce route when searching for that perfect piece of gold or silver jewelry.

Glancing at the landing pages of and, one will immediately notice the sleek, minimalistic page design, attractively uncomplicated and straight to the point. Product categories are clearly defined on the navigation bar through the use of clickable links which take consumers to large, attractive photos of the jewelry being offered for purchase with abbreviated product details included below the images.

Clicking these photos takes shoppers to a product page with larger images that zoom-in automatically when the cursor is waved over them, allowing shoppers to get a close-up look at any product that suits their fancy.

Beginning with the landing page and every step of the way thereafter, the option to save items into a virtual shopping cart is clearly displayed and requires nothing more than a click of a button. Additionally, a helpful added feature of the shopping cart is it keeps track of which items have been added, the cost per item, as well as the subtotal of all items in the cart at any given point. This allows shoppers to easily keep track of their potential purchases without exceeding budget limits.

Once a shopper fills their cart with all the items they desire, proceeding through the check-out process is very straightforward and user-friendly. Simply hover the cursor over the shopping cart icon in the upper-right-hand corner of any page on either website and the option to proceed to the checkout page to purchase what’s in the cart appears, along with relevant details of each product that has been selected.

Upon proceeding to checkout, both websites clearly prompt shoppers to identify their billing and shipping information, choose a shipping method, enter their payment information, and then review the order before finalizing their purchase. This process has been made as simple as possible while still ensuring that all bases are covered, both for our client and for shoppers.

The and e-commerce websites are fresh newcomers to the jewelry sales industry and offer a refreshing, no-nonsense perspective to online jewelry sales. By providing these elegant and streamlined platforms on which to browse and purchase attractive gold and silver jewelry quickly, simply and without the added fuss of unnecessarily complex site navigation and purchasing procedures, others in the industry would be well-served to take note.

Welcome to the Internet and! The Island Technologies team is happy to have been of service, and we wish you the best of luck!


About Island Technologies: Island Technologies is a creative and dynamic technology consultancy serving all levels of clients, including residential customers, independent business owners, and corporate clientele. We combine the best hardware and software products with our renowned white-glove service commitments to create innovative and cost-effective solutions, and we excel at understanding our customers’ needs — and exceeding their expectations.  From break/fix tech support, to fully customized web and database applications, to enterprise server solutions, Island Technologies consistently delivers top-notch consulting expertise.

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