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Category: Security

Microsoft Releases Critical Windows Update to Patch Vulnerability in Remote Desktop Protocol

Late last month, Microsoft released Security Bulletin MS12-020, a “Critical” level system patch which resolves a Windows system vulnerability through which remote attackers could gain access to affected computers. The vulnerability, which concerns Microsoft’s Remote Desktop service (“RDP”), affects all versions of Windows; unpatched systems that have RDP turned on are at risk of remote … Continued

Keeping an Eye on Your iPhone

Question: Do you have good coverage for your iPhone 4?  No, not cellular coverage (this isn’t an AT&T joke)…we’re talking about physical and financial protection for the world’s favorite smartphone.  Considering the cost to repair or replace an iPhone 4, an ounce of protection is worth at least a pound of cure! Let’s start with … Continued

Psst…Can You Keep a Secret?

Okay, let’s take a quick poll—everybody whose email password is password, please raise your hand… …if you raised your hand, please go directly to your computer and change your email password now (do not pass GO, do not collect $200, etc., etc.).  The rest of you might want to wipe those smug grins off your … Continued

E-waste Lots, Want Not

We live digital lifestyles packed full of computers, smart phones, tablets and various other electricity-eating accessories—and our modern lives come with modern problems: It’s hard enough keeping up with the never-ending wave of new gadgets and gizmos…now we have to figure out how to safely dispose of our steadily growing pile of defunct and defective … Continued