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United Bags Website Launch

Congratulations to United Bags on the launch of their new website! United Bags initially came to Island looking for a web based manufacturing spec system and vendor portal. The development process for their new system was going so smoothly, United Bags decided to expand the scope of their job to include a complete website redesign.  We worked hard to refresh the site in a way that both captures United Bags’ mission and highlights their vast selection of stock and custom bags.

First, Island Technologies reorganized the product pages in order to streamline user interface and make the shopping experience more intuitive.  Then we updated the site’s copy to better communicate United Bags’ goals and to simplify the more technical aspects of the product for consumers.

Our favorite feature is the timeline we developed which helps guide users through the rich and interesting history of United Bags.  Please check out their new website at and if you need help updating your webpage, contact us at 818-832-2310.

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