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Typing in the key of PC

If you’re like us, your go-to computer is a Mac, but sometimes you need to run Windows stuff on it.  Apple’s Boot Camp (as well as Parallels Desktop 7 and VMWare Fusion 4) make it easy to run PC software on your Mac, but there’s just one little problem:  Mac and Windows keyboards aren’t quite the same animals (if you’ve ever tried to find the “Insert” key on your Mac, you know what we’re talking about).

In fact, there are quite a few “special” keys that you’ll find on a PC’s keyboard that you won’t on a Mac’s, and that can make it tough to access certain functions when you’re running your Mac in Windows mode.  Luckily for us, Apple has put together a comprehensive support page that shows you how to play your Mac keyboards in the key of PC!  Click the link to get more information:

Boot Camp: Apple keyboard mapping in Windows XP and Vista

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