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Transitioning to Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac, the Easy Way

It’s been just about a year since Microsoft released Office for Mac 2011, and many of you have made the switch from previous versions.  As is usually the case with a major software update, the latest release of Microsoft’s flagship productivity suite for OS X brings both good and bad news for end-users.

On the plus side, Office 2011 incorporates many new features that have long been standard on the PC editions, but heretofore unavailable for Macs (Entourage is dead, long live Outlook for Mac, huzzah!).

However, the retooled user interface and expanded feature set of Office 2011 for Mac can easily frustrate end-users forced to adapt to new workflows outside of their comfort zones.  So we really have to applaud Microsoft for putting together a top-notch how-to site for Office for Mac 2011, where you can find quick start guides, tutorials and training videos — and there’s a sub-site for each of the core applications in Office, where you can find learning roadmaps and even command references!

Word for Mac 2011
PowerPoint for Mac 2011
Excel for Mac 2011
Outlook for Mac 2011

If you’re struggling with Office for Mac 2011, or have been hesitant to upgrade (change is scary, we know), we highly recommend you check Microsoft’s support site out.  And don’t forget, Island Technologies’ friendly IT Support staff is always available to help!

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