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Electronic Data Security (HIPAA)

Does Electronic Data Necessarily Mean Safer Data?

Working in the health industry requires constant vigilance in regards to patient privacy. As storage methods for information change, security measures must adapt. The move towards electronically stored information brings more efficient data entry and retrieval. A question arises for many patients and health providers in the midst of this technological paradigm shift: How safe is this information in its electronic format?

A recent study analyzed reported data breaches. The top five locations of breached security include three technology related sources: Laptops, Network Servers, and Desktop Computers. (Emmanuel U Amadi, 2016.) The study indicates reason to invest in effective electronic security measures, concluding, “In an age of increasing data breaches, security of data should not be left unaddressed and to luck.”

For more information on how to secure the information of your organization, including HIPAA compliance for Healthcare Providers, see our page on Security.

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