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E-waste Lots, Want Not

We live digital lifestyles packed full of computers, smart phones, tablets and various other electricity-eating accessories—and our modern lives come with modern problems: It’s hard enough keeping up with the never-ending wave of new gadgets and gizmos…now we have to figure out how to safely dispose of our steadily growing pile of defunct and defective and electronic junk!

Ahem…did I just say “junk”? The technical term is “e-waste,” and it’s not stuff you can just toss in the trash, because it contains trace amounts of nasty stuff, like mercury and lead. And while e-waste processing centers are becoming more widespread, it’s still a time and gas-consuming hassle to haul your e-waste off.

So what’s a busy digital denizen to do? Island Technologies to the rescue! We’ll be happy to take your e-waste off your hands, and we can pick it up when we’re on-site at your office or home for a Service appointment. Or, if you’re coming in to our offices, you can bring along your e-waste for drop-off! And the best part? We’ll process and dispose of your e-waste for free! *

Okay, what if you want to dispose of an old, but still functional, piece of equipment that contains your personal and private data? How can you keep the hackers and identity thieves at bay? Well, when you rely on Island Technologies to process your e-waste, you can rest assured that we’ll securely erase your data-storing devices before disposal—so you can protect your privacy while you’re saving the planet and freeing up space!

That warm feeling you’re getting? That’s peace of mind, Island-style!

* Restrictions may apply — contact Island Technologies for details!

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