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Lifting the Smokescreen off the Cloud

For most people, is there anything more mysterious than the inner workings of a desktop computer or mobile device? There is, and it is what we refer to as The Cloud. When we back up our hard drive to this cloud, where does the information go? How do we know which cloud service offers the most reliable data hosting?

Our technicians here at Island Technologies agree that it’s best when a cloud based back-up service can be transparent as possible. That’s one reason why we recommend Back Blaze, who regularly release their own hard drive statistics. They are upfront about what sort of hardware they use to keep our data safe. They also share publicly which type of hard drives in their data center did not work as well, and exactly what they are doing to improve their overall performance.

If you’d like to read Back Blaze’s latest hard drive statistics, click here — and if you haven’t backed up your computer recently, give us a call! It’s much more cost-effective to back-up data now than it is to recover data once it is lost. Our clients are always surprised how simple and easy the process has become. Call now for a complimentary 15 minute evaluation, and we will determine which back-up protocol is best for your situation.

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