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Author: Island Technologies

Lifting the Smokescreen off the Cloud

For most people, is there anything more mysterious than the inner workings of a desktop computer or mobile device? There is, and it is what we refer to as The Cloud. When we back up our hard drive to this cloud, where does the information go? How do we know which cloud service offers the … Continued

It’s Time to Unwind

Let’s face it: nobody likes tangled wires. They look ugly, are a pain to deal with, and make it harder (and more expensive) for technicians to locate and fix problems. More and more, our team has been helping clients unwind their tangled wires, — and they love it! Here’s a before and after from a … Continued

Thank you RPIA!

RPIA graciously hosted Patrick at their Annual Meeting and Bakery Tour earlier this month. They invited him to speak on about the Island Technologies’ work with Bakery Rebates. Island has maintained a strong working relationship with Bakery Rebates since 2006. Then, about a year ago, Island began developing a custom automated data software for them. … Continued

Dr Dan Dentist Site Launch

Husband and wife Dr. Dan and Dr. Alexis Iannotti came to Island Technologies ready for a complete overhaul of their website. Today we are excited to unveil the brand new “Doctor Dan Dentist” homepage: Their new site features a beautiful landing page, an “About us Section” that streams their own YouTube video, and a … Continued

WES Site Launch

The Island Team is proud to announce the unveiling of our latest web project. Wagner Engineering & Survey, Inc. (WES) has been offering quality civil engineering, land surveying, right-of-way engineering, mapping, land planning and construction surveying services since 1990 throughout Southern California. WES recently contacted Island and commissioned a complete redesign of their website. Our … Continued